Rural Transport

Other Services

Silo Storage
Rural Transport has six 500 Ton silos and one 70t transit silo situated in Ashburton and three 250 Ton silos in Kurow. We have the capability to blow air through them if required and we offer short and long term storage options.  This also allows us to load out bulk grain into containers for transport via rail etc.  


At our Ashburton depot we also offer short & long term storage and managed warehousing.  This can be Bulk Products, Palletised Products and we can also offer mixing of bulk products ie; fertilizer and or lime mix's.  Talk to us today about your requirements.  

Kurow Stocks
Our Kurow depot stocks Coal, Cement and Shingle for your convenience which we are able to transport direct to you if required. Please contact Kent at the Kurow office on 03 436 0849 for any queries.

We are able to source and transport Woodchips, Shavings and Sawdust for your calf pens. This service allows the cost of the product and cartage to be all on one invoice.


Rural Transport has five Augers designed to assist with emptying your farm silos, whether they are flat bottom, V bottom or Rockets, we can empty them all.  We also have a Tubulator to assist in movements of peas and specialty seeds to avoid damage or cracking.

Grain Vac
Leaving a silo spotless is what our Grain Vac does best, providing safety and a dust free environment.  It cleans not only the bottom but the corners of silos easily and quickly. The Grain Vac can be used on most grains including barley, wheat and peas.


We also now stock bagged Coal for Public sale.  This is sold in 20kg bags and is a clean blended coal, great for keeping you warm.